Modern window sills made of stone are the combination of usability, beauty, and comfort in the interior of houses.

Almost any type of stone is suitable for making window sills.Not needing special care, in contrast to wooden or plastic sills, the window sills made of stone will last for many years.


For the indoor installation, the window sills made of marble can be selected. And for the outdoor installation, you can choose granite sills.


The quartz window sill has an ideal texture and serves as decoration of any room. Quartz agglomerate maintains the aesthetic appearance of natural stone but has the richer palette of shades. Such window sills can be combined with any materials for the interior decoration. Quartz stone is nonhazardous and environmentally friendly material. It can be used for facing window sills in the medical, educational and children's institutions.


The density of the sill made of quartz agglomerate is able to withstand such heavy loads that it is possible to securely sit or stand on the window sill without worrying about the surface deformation. It is very difficult to scratch or to break the integrity of stone in any other way. The main advantage of quartz is its resistance to stains. The flower pots, standing on such a window sill, will not leave on it an ugly trace.


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