Quartz is poreless. This makes it an ideal material for the use in the kitchen and bathroom. Because of this characteristic, it does not absorb liquids thus preventing the appearance of stains. It is almost impossible to scratch quartz countertops, so you should not be afraid to damage it with a knife or other sharp object by accident.

In addition, quartz countertops are absolutely non-toxic and harmless when in contact with food products. A key advantage of the quartz countertop, which will be used in the kitchen, is its absolute stability to stains, and in the bathroom – its water resistance and resistance to the fungus growth.

The kitchen countertops are exposed to a wide variety of effects and loads, so it must meet high operating requirements. The most suitable material for the manufacture of kitchen countertops is quartz stone, as this is the most practical solution for the kitchen. There are almost no scratches on the quartz countertop surface and most importantly, it is resistant to staining, since quartz does not absorb the coloring liquids.

The granite countertop has a porous structure, resulting in the absorption of moisture and, consequently, in the formation of stains, especially on the light-toned surfaces.

Natural marble absorbs the coloring liquids even more; therefore, it is not recommended to use this stone for the manufacture of kitchen countertops.

A frequent cause of the customers’ concern is the weight of products made of quartz or granite. Do not worry that the kitchen cabinets will not support the weight of a countertop because the competent installation guarantees the balanced distribution of the weight of a countertop to all load-bearing elements. So, the weight of a countertop is not a threat to the entire structure.

The material of 12, 20 and 30 mm thick are used for the manufacture of stone products. At the same time, a product may have any apparent thickness by gluing the stone of desired height to its end at an angle of 45 degrees.

We try to avoid unnecessary joints as possible. If the joints on the product cannot be avoided, our specialists adjust the elements in such a way that the junction looks almost invisible.

  • The surface made of quartz agglomerate does not need additional treatment with protective agents.
  • The surface made of granite and marble should be treated with special protective agents. Therefore, the sealing procedure should be carried out.

Several options are available to choose from:

You provide a sketch with the dimensions of the product you wish to order (+/- cm does not matter):

  • for kitchen countertops – thickness of stone, its name; color and type of profile (apparent thickness of a countertop); type of kitchen sink (bottom or top-mounted); necessary surface drillings, for example, for an electric socket, mixer, water filter dispenser, chopper or any additional buttons, for example, opening the water drain in the sink; the type of your cooking surface (mounted on the countertop or in its plane). Will you have a stone wall covering?
  • for window sills – apparent ends and profile type (apparent thickness of a window sill; please indicate where it is needed); thickness of stone, its name, and color
  • for fireplaces – a maximum possible detailed sketch; type of stone, its name, and color
  • for bathrooms – a maximum possible detailed sketch, type of stone, its name, and color
  • for stairs and steps – a maximum possible detailed sketch, type of stone, its name and color

Based on your sketch, we make a preliminary calculation and send you a draft price offer. It is followed by contract conclusion. A specialist comes to you to take measurements. After that, your product will be manufactured in our production shop and installed by our specialists. So, we provide you with a full service relieving you of unnecessary trouble.