Due to its warmth and comfort, a fireplace takes pride of place in any home. Rich appearance and unique properties of stone leave the competitors made of plaster, glass, plastic or metal far behind.


Currently, when installing fireplaces, the tendency of facing with quartz stone, granite, and marble prevails. This kind of facing makes the fireplace much more beautiful, reliable and durable. Stone does not change its color and texture over time and easily withstands exposure to high temperatures.


Marble was and remains the most classic material for facing fireplaces. Marble mantels are durable and undemanding in service.

Quartz fireplace mantels are able to emphasize the uniqueness of your interior. Quartz agglomerate can be very different. This applies to both surface treatment and color range. Designers can work easily with such material, especially if it is about creating classic interiors with luxurious finishing. The shades of quartz, which follow the color and texture of natural stone, are very popular. But quartz can also have a rich and bright color that is different from natural shades. Fireplaces made of polished quartz stone stand out for their beautiful shine. However, it is possible to obtain the opposite effect – a matte texture.


The hard surface of quartz is resistant to the appearance of defects. So, you cannot be afraid to scratch the facing by accident. Traces of soot and smut are easy to remove from the surface of the fireplace facing. You won’t have to make efforts to clean up your fireplace from other contaminants because they do not remain on its polished surface.


A fireplace made of quartz does not absorb moisture – a dense and poreless structure prevents this. As a result, there are no stains on the surface.


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