Bathrooms are very demanding with regard to the finishing material, in terms of both practical and aesthetic points of view. Therefore, the material should be water-resistant, practical, and durable, as well as it has to emphasize the refinement of your taste.


The decoration of bathrooms with stones permits to create extremely beautiful interiors, which at the same time meet the most stringent requirements of hygiene and usability. Facing the bathroom with quartz stones guarantees perfect waterproofing, prevents the reproduction of harmful microorganisms.


Semi-precious onyx is often used for the decorating and facing bathrooms.


Quartz is perfect for the decoration of all bathroom elements from the wall facing to countertops.


Quartz stone has the highest durability with a shallow thickness of the surface. Detergents and even aggressive agents will not change the color and structure of the surface made of quartz. Color schemes should be selected to match tiles, flooring materials or other elements.


Ledges and niches that will serve as shelves can be decorated with quartz tiles. Light and elegant dressing table is obtained from thin slabs of quartz agglomerate (from 12 mm). In comparison, it is virtually impossible to obtain a slab of the same thickness made of granite, marble or onyx.


The decoration of bathrooms with natural marble or granite also looks very beautiful, but it’s less practical because of the porous structure of these materials and moisture permeability, as a consequence.

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